Anonymous: i recommend the movie Aimee & Jaguar.

I’ve seen it! Thank you for your recommendation though, because it’s a very good film <3

Die Wannseekonferenz AKA The Wannsee Conference
Watching this second after having watched Conspiracy is a weird experience. This film seems super realistic and unpolished (not in a bad way) compared to Conspiracy. The most noteworthy is that Conspiracy is full of attractive actors, and I decided that I disliked that about Conspiracy. 
I watched this in the Holocaust class I took and I can&#8217;t really say that it taught me anything new that the professors didn&#8217;t go over. Rather, it clarified one thing and that was that the people present were completely  detestable&#8230;. Also it seemed to me they didn&#8217;t know how to get anything done and they were just going around in circles. It&#8217;s really disturbing to watch. I think since I watched it in German, I felt kind of disgusted and much less sympathetic to the portrayal than I felt when I watched Conspiracy and this is a good thing. I just feel like because Tom Hiddleston (although his role was miniscule), Colin Firth, Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci among others were in Conspiracy, viewers might feel more sympathetic and rationalize the characters they portrayed&#8217;s actions, which isn&#8217;t good. I found myself doing that&#8230;.
Also I really appreciated how this film showed how despise-able Adolf Eichmann really is. 

I Can&#8217;t Think Straight
(Sorry, I am really really behind on the reviews.) I Can&#8217;t Think Straight was recommended to me by a friend who watched Kyss Mig and didn&#8217;t like it. I ended up liking both. This film is on the short side, but I like that. All loose ends were tied up. 
I wrote my final research paper for my writing class on the obstacles Tala and Leyla faced in I Can&#8217;t Think Straight (and also obstacles from Saving Face and Imagine Me and You). I don&#8217;t really feel like rewriting the entire thing, so I&#8217;ll try to write out a condensed version. I loved how the film portrayed two different family types from two different classes. Leyla is a middle-class British-Indian Muslim, and at the start of the film she is rather shy and awkward. Near the end of the film she is the one who&#8217;s come out to her parents and more comfortable with herself (kissing Tala on the head in a restaurant) while Tala is still closeted. It&#8217;s an interesting switch in the characters because I was particularly taken with how confident Tala was at the beginning of the film. When Tala tells Leyla that &#8220;This is not a way to live&#8230;at least not where I&#8217;m from&#8221;, I was really moved because I could relate with her utterance. It&#8217;s undoubtedly worse for her because she&#8217;s the eldest and it&#8217;s expected of her to be a good example and she lives in Jordan. I really liked that by the end of the film, both Tala and Leyla have broken free of their restraints and chosen to live their own life, but at the same time haven&#8217;t broken all ties with their roots which shows their non-traditional interpretation of their religion. Leyla says she rejects a God that considers homosexuality a sin, but she also says that she&#8217;s done nothing wrong because she hasn&#8217;t killed or stolen, and so what she did was accept parts of her religion that she can work with. 
I loved the humor in the film too. I read a lot of reviews on I Can&#8217;t Think Straight and the general consensus seems to be that the acting is bad and the story has more weak points than strong (like reverting back to stereotypes), but I disagree that these are heavy factors that bring the film down. As I understand, some of the dialogue had to be dubbed because the audio got stolen, so that would explain the odd acting. As for the story, I think it is unique. I have never watched a lesbian film that deals with South Asians, Islam, and the Middle East all in one. I learned more about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict from I Can&#8217;t Think Straight than I ever did existing in this world. Yeah, I live a very ignorant and sheltered life. Back to the humor&#8230;I loved the &#8220;She&#8217;s a WHAT? But some of my best friends are Lebanese!&#8221;. I probably watched this film three times already for the paper and I laughed every time. 
I have also read most of the book (I&#8217;m about 80% finished) and I would recommend it. It&#8217;s very similar to the film, but the details in the book are just subtle hints in the film. For example, Lamia is portrayed in the film as kind of bossy and striving for attention from her mother because she&#8217;s ignored, possibly because she&#8217;s the middle child. She&#8217;s also married to Kareem, who seems to be a bit of a neat freak. At the very beginning of the film, Kareem is looking over his clothes which are sorted and labeled by day on a shelf. In the book, their relationship and characters are explored more in-depth and makes Lamia a bit more sympathetic to the reader in my opinion. 
Finally, I&#8217;m now a really big fan of Lisa Ray and I&#8217;m looking forward to watching The World Unseen. 

Europa Europa
I always think it&#8217;s important to see historical events that I&#8217;m interested in  from multiple points of views, and I&#8217;m particularly interested in seeing it from the people who pass&#8217;s point of view. 
So first off, I am so amazed at this film and that this is a true story. I&#8217;m kind of at a loss of what to say. The acting was fantastic by everyone. Yeah, there were a few scenes that were uhmmmmmm (the train scene was so cringe-worthy lolol). The reunion scene was mindblowing. It&#8217;s a bit long, but it&#8217;s so genuine. I could almost feel the joy from both parties radiating out of the screen and into me.
I have a question though: What did Isaak bandaged up and bleeding out of his mouth mean? and Hitler in the closet? I mean I get what Kellerman hiding in the closet meant (and I actually really like Kellerman), but Isaak I&#8217;m not sure. 
Okay so Inna Moyseyevna is&#8230;.. sexy xD Sorry. I seem to have a thing for women who dress up smartly in military uniform. I also wonder, does this mean that Solly is extremely talented at languages? I don&#8217;t understand Russian or Polish, but he learned both languages easily and convincingly&#8230;I guess. 
I find it awesome that Isaak and Solly were played by brothers in real life, too. The resemblance is much appreciated. I also loved how there were different Germans and Poles and Russians shown. For example, there&#8217;s the soldier Kellerman who kept Solly&#8217;s identity safe (imo he did this to both protect himself AND because he was fond of Solly), and then there&#8217;s Leni who I recently learned was brainwashed with the thought that all women must produce Aryans for the Reich. And the Poles there was the blond kid&#8230;. I don&#8217;t have a contrast for him off the top of my head. And the Russians there was Inna Moyseyevna who apparently is Jewish but, like Solly, pushed that part of her into storage for her survival, and there&#8217;s the skeptical Russian soldier who didn&#8217;t believe Solly at the end of the movie. Ok, I&#8217;ll stop rambling. 
WATCH THIS. The subtitles were sort of dodgy at times (double question marks? haha), but IT&#8217;S WORTH IT.

Room in Rome
First, let me just say that I now know where all those gifs I see on tumblr are from. THIS MOVIE. Yes.
I really liked this movie. Overall, it was really arty, but I thought it was a good sort of arty that I didn&#8217;t find annoying. There was art history to interest me and normal history to remind me that I&#8217;m not good at history ahahaha. The lingering camera shots were full of meaning, in my opinion. Like the repeated shot of Cupid from different angles.
I thought Elena Anaya was the better actress. Her English accent was really&#8230;interesting, but I liked it. And she looks like Martina Sorbara with that hairstyle, which is a Very Good Thing. Yes. Love her hair.
The initial lying (or playing around with the truth) might&#8217;ve been confusing, but I really liked it. I liked both the stories they made up and the twins careers switching and switching back and finally the truth revealed. 
I feel so bad I don&#8217;t have anything else to say about Room in Rome except that I really liked it. And I laughed at the hot cucumber part. 

Breaking Dawn Part 2
So it&#8217;s been years and years since I read Breaking Dawn. I don&#8217;t remember much of the book, so I&#8217;m not gonna be making comparisons. But like, the beginning was just so awk. Like the whole speech about imprinting is so ridic, creepy, and akwadly acted. I cringed. 
Some things I noticed:
Kristen Stewart has a surprisingly deep voice when she yells. 
Baby Reneesme&#8217;s eyes are creepy
I like Kristen Stewart&#8217;s vampire eyes makeup. 
Irina is a nice name.
Kid Reneesme looks kind of scary?
Lee Pace&#8217;s character reminds me of sadness and I don&#8217;t know why.
As usual, the soundtrack is great. Damn. it. But Underworld&#8217;s soundtracks are better &gt;:D
WELL maybe it&#8217;s just me, but I would&#8217;ve thought that Zafrina would&#8217;ve made Edward see her naked, not make him see monkeys and trees. 
The vampire girl with short hair is really cute. Apparently she&#8217;s Charlotte. I wish she had more parts in the movie, cuz she just looks sooo good.
Speaking of Charlotte, I saw that glance between Alice and her. I ship it. 
Alice&#8217;s hair is really nice too. 
"Seth, Lea (sp?), stop eating" is the quote of the day 10/10&#160;A+
Aro makes interesting sounds. I wonder if the cast and crew laughed.
Why are Reneesme&#8217;s nails manicured?
Why do I always get the feeling that Alice loves Bella too?
That big fight scene was basically a superpowers showcase. Much appreciated, actually. Some powers are actually KIND OF UNIQUE AND NOT LAME (JASPER snort). Also, it was worth it, because in the middle, the movie kind of dragged on. And I can&#8217;t believe the wolves made me feel like crying. Marcus is intriguing. He&#8217;s so resigned and stuff. I think I remember this trait about him from the book. I wonder why he&#8217;s like that? To show contrast/indifference in the Volturi?
So yeah. I don&#8217;t understand why I was sad/nostalgic at the end of the movie. I didn&#8217;t even feel this way when I watched HP 7.2. I don&#8217;t even like Twilight that much. Oh well. 

Les filles du botaniste AKA The Chinese Botanist&#8217;s Daughters
Wow. Good film, not childish/teen angst-y. I have a lot of praise for The Chinese Botanist&#8217;s Daughters.
Casting Mylène Jampanoï was perfect. Her lines were all dubbed, and at times it was really obvious, but I thought her acting was great despite the dubbing. Also, she looks authentic to the character she&#8217;s portraying. 
I have a lot of hate for all the men in this movie. Damn. Where and how do I find the words? They&#8217;re terrible. The dad-professor loves plants more than humans, the son, deceptively earnest at first, hits women and tortures them. They&#8217;re both such 大男人s. And unfortunately, some of the Asian men I know are like that, too. They think they&#8217;re all entitled. No. Get your own water yourself. You&#8217;re capable, aren&#8217;t you? If you got your water yourself instead of expecting your daughter to wake up for you to pour you a glass of water, you might&#8217;ve&#8230;hmmmm&#8230;&#8230;.[SPOILER] lived!
The soundtrack is simply amazing. I watched the credits to see who composed the score, but I only remember a Rousseau and Levi. I&#8217;m not sure if the soundtrack was released. It&#8217;s fits with the film so well. Can&#8217;t stop praising it lol.
I GUESS it&#8217;s a Chinese thing to get mad at your bride if she&#8217;s not a virgin when you marry? Uhhhh&#8230;.. Or traditional families are like that. Like your honor is tarnished or something. Well, get over it, Egghead. Some other Chinese themes (not the right word, but I can&#8217;t think rn) I noticed were familial duties (helping your dad, doing whatever he made you do, etc), filiality (why is the English word so difficult, as in, children would not readily &#8220;know&#8221; the word, while Asian kids do in their respective languages?), bias towards men (ooooh look my little prince-son, he can do no wrong! Of course these women have no defense in court. Why give women the right to speak when they&#8217;re so obviously wrong all the time? -____________-). Things need to change.
The ending is negative. I mean, it&#8217;s definitely more negative than positive. Bittersweet, I guess, but&#8230; no. It&#8217;s not a happy ending. Don&#8217;t show it to impressionable kids or they might get the wrong message :[
BUT I will end on a happy note: I loved the restaurant (is that what it&#8217;s called?) scene. Man. This is what I mean about Mylène Jampanoï being a great actress despite not knowing Chinese. That scene was really well acted. Also, Li Xiaoran is totally gorgeous. Hehe.

Spider Lilies AKA 刺青
I have officially lost faith in Taiwanese cinema. I don&#8217;t understand how this movie won awards.
First of all, for a webcam girl, Xiao Lu (Jade I GUESS/whatever) sure isn&#8217;t sexy. I guess that&#8217;s just personal taste, but&#8230; people like that cutesy I-talk-to-dolls sort of thing? Idk Xiao Lu really seemed immature, whiny, and pouty. 
Speaking of pouty. god. Takeko&#8217;s brother exemplified this. JFC. And it just reminded me why I don&#8217;t like Taiwanese men. He&#8217;s not like the wangster Ah-Dong who&#8217;s macho, overpowering, think they can get their way just cuz they&#8217;re ~men~, detestable, misogynistic, etc. And they all talk with that attitude! ugh! Takeko and Jade, don&#8217;t take that shit from them. Good thing they don&#8217;t.
Oh Taiwan, the nation (um) with a national identity crisis. Yep. OF COURSE there would be Japanese characters. Of course! Taiwan loves their oppressors. OF COURSE Takeko&#8217;s accent would be Japanese, and she would be half Japanese. Isabella Leong&#8217;s accent doesn&#8217;t sound like she&#8217;s from HK at all! But ok, her accent is actually really understandable compared to some other HK actresses I&#8217;ve heard. But within the movie, it&#8217;s just so unbelievable. 
So this wangster Ah-Dong seems like he&#8217;s either a true friend of Takeko&#8217;s, a fetishist (oh god), or curious of the fact that Takeko likes girls. Either way, it doesn&#8217;t make him less dislikable. His insecurities make me cringe SO HARD. Getting tattooed (that last tattooing scene seemed kind of sexual) so you&#8217;re all badass? He got what he deserved. 
Seems like Takeko is unfortunately responsible for quite a few people. Live for yourself! 
Unfortunately I don&#8217;t read Chinese very quickly, so I didn&#8217;t understand the police storyline. The poor stuttering officer reminded me of somebody I know though. 
So remember how I kept saying HK and Chinese cinema is better than Taiwanese? It&#8217;s still true. I didn&#8217;t like Hu Die/Butterfly because it was too arty, but when I think back to it, it was better in every way than Spider Lilies. I wouldn&#8217;t recommend this. The bad/awk acting plus weak storyline kills it. 

The Golem
It starts out slow and rather dull, but about halfway through the first chapter it picks up. Unfortunately, it really is a silent movie so there wasn&#8217;t much to keep my attention. 
Florian is kind of gross? That&#8217;s what I thought. I was sad about the ending though. But ugh that guy that lived with the Rabbi and his daughter. Grosser. Like seriously, he was scary. Also I didn&#8217;t really like how Miriam was portrayed as a helpless girl who has nothing to do all day. Idk&#8230;..
I can see why people compare Frankenstein with the Golem, but&#8230;didn&#8217;t the Golem come first? 
I really liked the sets and costumes. They seemed quite authentic to me LOL. Also I could not stop LOLing at the Golem&#8217;s platform shoes.

The L Word - Season 1
So glad I found the time to start watching The L Word. It&#8217;s hilarious and good drama, too. For the most part. There were a few characters I didn&#8217;t like very much and their relationships and cheating just irritated me more :x
I think for most of the first season, Shane is a pretty boring character until Clea (or Cherie, I guess, but I really do not buy Shane and Cherie&#8217;s relationship.) shows up. And then her character just keeps getting more and more interesting. 
Dana&#8217;s coming out made me cry :( It was like me watching an alternate universe me. Poor Mr. Piddles :( Poor everything. I loved Dana and Lara together. Lara looks really kind, too. Sigh. (She also has red hair)
Would it make me a terrible person if I said that I was more happy than sad when Bette and Tina lost their baby? Tina really was becoming a Vapid Boring Person. But it&#8217;s okay, because in the end, I sided with Tina. 
I keep reading on Wikipedia that people don&#8217;t like Jenny, but I thought she was okay. What she&#8217;s going through mentally and emotionally reminds me a lot of myself, actually. 
MORE IVAN, PLEASE. Actually, I&#8217;m just gonna keep finding the time to watch The L Word.

This movie&#8217;s been on my list since early 2008, and I finally got around to watching it five years later :D 
I really like how the story/character development moves quickly right from the start. We don&#8217;t really see Maurice and Clive falling in love, but it&#8217;s okay because its focus is on the stifling time they lived in. I felt super bad for Ridsley. 
The American doctor was so different from all the other characters. I like him. There was that one line he said, something along the lines of &#8220;England has always been disinclined to accept human nature&#8221; that I looooooved. 
The last scene with Clive looking out the window and thinking back to Cambridge is pretty haunting. Clive&#8217;s just a complicated character in general. They all are. I&#8217;m really glad that Maurice accepts himself and is happy at the end. 
Also, Rupert Graves left a lot of saliva on James Wilby&#8217;s mouth LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL sorry. I love Alec Scudder&#8217;s accent. He sounds so earnest.

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Soooooo&#8230;&#8230;. I didn&#8217;t know this movie was like a modern take on those old classics. Blah. How do I explain this? The whole time watching this, I just kept thinking: this is similar to Jane Austen&#8217;s books. Except there&#8217;s sex. haha.
Anyway, it&#8217;s funny. There were parts that were hilarious (AWFUL WEDDED WIFE is my favorite lolol) but um&#8230; Carrie as a character was kind of boring? But it&#8217;s cool to see this from a man&#8217;s point of view, I guess. It&#8217;s just that the characters all seem to be rich socialites and it&#8217;s hard to relate to them. 

Inglorious Basterds
Ok so&#8230;.. I watched this movie expecting it to be kind of offensive and dark comedy-y, and it was, but it was also ridiculous, in my opinion. I laughed so much at the &#8220;I went mountain climbing!!!!!!!&#8221; part, among others. But like&#8230; I just thought it wasn&#8217;t serious enough. Like if a younger person watched this, they wouldn&#8217;t understand the humor. 
For example, Brad Pitt&#8217;s American accent was so ridic. I really disliked his character&#8217;s attitude and stupid-ass smug look on his face :( And then Michael Fassbender&#8217;s stupid posh accent was so exaggerated. But I liked it. And yeah, his German did sound odd. He has an accent. I really like that chapter of the movie.
So&#8230; things that I liked about Inglorious Basterds: 
the casting. I don&#8217;t like Brad Pitt&#8217;s attitude, but he was damn good -______- But yeah. Eli Roth=perfect. Mélanie Laurent=perfect-er
I liked the Chapter One: Description format. I like knowing what&#8217;s coming up.
DUDE ALL THE GERMANS ARE MULTILINGUAL YES YES. Even funnier was Colonel Landa haha. No one can top the number languages he speaks. How inconvenient.
The main thing I did not like about Inglorious Basterds was the music. It&#8217;s kind of a minor complaint from me because it fits well with the dark humor, but&#8230; ehhh. 
Sooo&#8230; I really think Mélanie Laurent was amazing. My favorite scene with her is definitely the one when she shot Zoller. Man. The look on her face. I could almost feel all the emotions going through her face. But she was definitely my favorite character in the movie.
Oh also, is it just me, or did it seem like Donowitz and Omar &#8230; kinda hard to explain. Like when the movie theater started to catch on fire, they were already setting the Basterds&#8217; plan in action. So they just assumed that there was somebody also on their side setting the theater on fire, or&#8230;.? They just carried on with their original mission regardless? It seemed (from their faces) that they knew that they would get a little bit of help. Was it what Aldo was supposed to do? 
I seriously thought this movie was gonna be all Hollywood/Blockbuster-y, but it was not, despite me finding it humorous. Maybe this is a sign that I should watch more Quentin Tarantino movies?

Doctor Zhivago
So&#8230;.. I watched this with my parents because they kept encouraging me to watch it, but I didn&#8217;t know what to expect. I tried reading the plot summary on wikipedia beforehand, but I didn&#8217;t get very far. Anyway, after a lot of initial confusion, I understood the story pretty well.  The Overture was kind of boring (as I expected haha :| ), but the actual theme song is really good. 
However.. I liked the political aspects of the movie a lot more than the love story, partly because it involved cheating. Ahhhh&#8230;I really don&#8217;t like cheating. I mean Omar Shatif is really good-looking (he reminds me of Ewan McGregor hehe), but&#8230; idk. Cheating always rubbed me the wrong way. I did learn a lot from the movie about WWI and the Russian Revolution. Way more than from textbooks. 
I didn&#8217;t mind the length of the movie very much, but it kind of got slow at the end. That&#8217;s okay though, because I really liked the dramatic ending. Yevgraf is pretty damn awesome. 
unpopular opinion: I thought the Tonya (Yuri and Lara&#8217;s daughter) actress was kind of bad. She sorta overacted? 

I had high hopes for this movie. But I was so disappointed. Sad. It seemed kinda Hollywood/blockbuster-y to me. Plus the editing was kinda choppy and it was like I had to know a bit of the background story beforehand. 
For example, I had no idea that they were speaking Russian. For the longest time, I thought they were all speaking Polish (and so I was really looking forward to hearing Mia Wasikowska speak to a farmer), but no. Man, I&#8217;m dumb. Also, is it just me, or did the German the Nazis were speaking sound kind of&#8230; weird? Like really accented&#8230;? I don&#8217;t know. 
Ok so how did Tuvia get in and out of the ghetto so easily? There was just a lot of things that seemed unrealistic. Zus without a hat on during winter&#8230;.. I guess these are small details that aren&#8217;t important to the main point, but&#8230; I don&#8217;t feel like I&#8217;m being properly educated when details are glossed over. 
Besides my gripes with how the movie was made, it was a good movie. I learned a lot. I&#8217;m kind of sad about Asael though :[